You are growing mushrooms which are starting to grow out of control. Harvest and sell them to pay the rent in time, but don't let them grow out of control or you will be kicked out because of all the mess! What a landlord you have!

Controls: Use the mouse/touch to harvest mushrooms.

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Made withGodot
TagsGame Maker's Toolkit Jam, Mouse only, Pixel Art, Point & Click, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few seconds
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I should mention I'm on a trackpad and this would probably a little less difficult with a decent mouse, but I found this to be quite frustrating. The play area took up less than 1/16 of the game's window and the mushrooms were only a couple pixels wide so when it came time to mass click it required tiny movements while clicking extremely fast, which just isn't possible for me.

It would be nice if I could just hold down the mouse and drag across mushrooms to collect. IMO this would focus on the puzzle aspect more, too

Oh my. I’m sorry I put you through that experience! The game is already fairly frantic with a mouse so I can’t imagine using a trackpad. I’ve added fullscreen support to the post-jam backlog because indeed that would make it much more playable.

I really like your suggestion. Maybe I’ll add it as a power-up or in a more relaxed game mode / puzzle mode. Thanks!

This was definitely a fun and patient game. Losing balance of how you control your mushroom will definitely grow out of control, or prematurely lose the game to timer. 

Glad you liked it! I hope losing in this game was not too frustrating because of the randomness (I know I was when I lost to my own game haha!)

That was a blast. I enjoyed the panic of seeing all the mushrooms duplicate out of control! Having a balance between how many you grow and how many you click was something to build a strategy around.


Thanks PolyDucks, that means a lot coming from you, given the awesome games you have made.

The gameplay is like perfect, and it is very clear how it ties into the theme. Just needs background music and maybe a mode where you can set size goal and time. Just like 4 sliders for those things. I love the randomised shroom textures, and the explanation for the scenario is pretty funny.

Thanks for the feedback! I love your suggestion. I had a dozen ideas to implement but I am putting yours on top of the list!

If you want I could make some background music for you, nothing complex but just until you can get something better.

That is so sweet of you. I would absolutely love that. I have no clue where I would even start to make some music!

I made it but forgot to give it to, here is the song

If you want to make little jingles like that you can use the beginner friendly bosca ceoil program.

It’s perfect. I’ve put Bosca Ceoil on my todo-list because creating background music easily is definitely something to work on for me. I’m not going to put it in right away during the jam review period, but afterwards I’ll update it with your tune. See you around!